A Young & Colourful Dream

Growing up, Moo is always interested in anime for the culture’s fantasy & beautiful art-style. She finds herself attracted to art and visuals, giving her an outlet for her imagination and own creativity.

At a tender age of 18, she decided to build a career as a tattoo artist under Joe Wang’s wing. With a proper apprenticeship and guidance, Moo is now a sought after female tattooer in the local industry. In other words, her quirky and humorous sense of art direction garnered a significant following. Many adores her light-hearted and charming tattoo works.

Moo, in All Forms of Arts

Besides the passion for tattooing, Moo also uses her spare time creating her own line of merchandise. From clothings to stickers, she wears several hats being a creative individual.


Other Collaborations Works

In a partnership with Singapore Tourism Board, Moo created original artwork for American Ice Cream Parlor, Morgenstern’s. Morgenstern’s has a creation of 4 ice cream flavors with Singaporean elements and Moo was hand-picked for the series packaging.