Joel Ang

Dare to Dream Big

Joel embarked on his tattooing journey at the age of 17. He begin his apprenticeship in 8 Volts Tattoo Studio under the guidance of Joe Wang. While his peers were out enjoying their youth, Joel would choose instead to draw late into the nights. Harnessing his talent and honing his artistic skills as a result.

Today, Joel has since become a young talent gaining both popularity and recognition for creating beautiful and solid tattoos.

Joel’s interests also lie in painting and in globe-trotting for tattoo works. He enjoys exchanging pointers and tips from fellow artists in the industry, at conventions and studios around the world.

Living in Foreign Land

Update : Joel Ang is currently based in Melbourne, Australia working for Dynamic Tattoo occasionally flies back Singapore for guest spot at 8 Volts Tattoo


2012 - Mainz Tattoo Convention, Germany (Best of Saturday)
2012 - Mainz Tattoo Convention, Germany (Best of Show)